Andrew Schaffran: Fire Protection Administration Student

EKU Online Fire Protection Graduate Andrew Schaffran

EKU Fire Protection graduate Andrew Schaffran is the current president of the Washington State Firefighters Association. In 2013, he was earning his bachelor’s degree in fire protection administration. Here’s what he told us back then about his EKU experience.

Describe your experience as an EKU Online fire protection student.

This program has helped me in my current position with my current work projects. I have been able to apply my new knowledge right away. It has been very fulfilling to know that this information is something I will actually use.

Why did you choose EKU?

I needed something that was regionally recognized and did not require me to come to the campus. EKU met those needs.

What makes the EKU program unique?

I’ve been listening to others at work that are taking different programs. EKU is packaged better and has greater class offering though out the year. The instructors have been great to work with on every level.

How do you anticipate this degree benefitting your career?

I will be able to improve my skills, not only for my current position, but I will be able to promote up to the next level in my agency or the fire service with greater confidence.

Published on October 06, 2016